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Small appliances exhibition launched soon bring new small appliance manufacturers poised
2017-12-23 08:52:28

Small appliances from the Sixth China Fair (referred to as: small appliances Fair) August 19 opening of only 32 days, the countdown starts, our exhibitors are what to do? The exhibition of what they will bring something fresh for us? 


     Reporters interviewed a number of exhibitors in advance to see if they have this kind of small household electrical appliances exhibition and expectations? 


     Wang Shunde from a participating company said: "A lot of buyers to the show is the procurement of new products, in order to be able to bring this show buyers more surprises, we have developed a corresponding advance of new products, but now is not the exposure, Oh! "


     At present, many Chinese exhibitors are small household electrical appliances exhibition in full swing preparing for the exhibition of new products, but new information aspect gave us a big suspense, it is worth the wait. We understand that small appliances Fair exhibitors this year's general attaches great importance to the development of new products and patents, in order to meet the procurement event firsthand well prepared, it also allows buyers largely benefit greatly. 


     Exhibition process from nearly two years of small household electrical appliances exhibition, the participating companies are increasingly know how to seize the opportunity to promote the new show, the person says the reason is largely dependent on market demand, each year to purchase season when buyers who will flock to the major production base for product inspection and procurement, including new products account for a large proportion.