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Small domestic appliances market will usher in greater consumer space
2017-12-23 08:52:05

Golden Week, a variety of small appliances again on the gift market debut. I found that in the present era of the smart, small appliances are also put up an intelligent tag, the price also soared. Recently, experts remind consumers that intelligence is a new trend in the development of the industry, but in the selection stage, small appliances should focus on practicality, according to their own needs to choose. 

Small appliances Jingan intelligent tide 

At present, small appliances category on the market there are hundreds of species, divided into small kitchen appliances, clean small appliances, bathroom small appliances, small appliances and other categories of life. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, small appliances either category or functional design are escalating,, its functional design not only tend to high-end, has become more intelligent. 


In fact, small appliances intelligent is not an alien concept. As early as 10 years ago the industry put forward the "future of small appliances, smart is the key" point of view. The past two years, smart appliances have become fashionable new life signs, intelligent home appliances market has become the new darling. 


China Household Electrical Appliances Association president Jiang Feng pointed out that during the "Eleventh Five-Year", China's small household electrical appliances in the global export market to maintain a share of about 60%, and China has become the world's most important production base of small household appliances. "Twelve Five" period, as people's living standards improve, small domestic appliances market will usher in greater consumer space. 


In a home appliance sales area,, a compact toaster has attracted the attention of many customers. "Buy a toaster, so that their families can eat freshly baked bread nice." Said the author of such a lady. The author carefully review the product description and found this smart toaster really smart enough, not only to make bread, but also making a cake, bread. As long as the flour, water, vegetable oil, baking powder, or other materials placed, will be a good mode of operation, toaster will automatically create. 


Automatic recognition has become the development trend of intelligent home appliances industry. Small household appliances by using a special program, the intelligence level has been continuously improved. Special programming such as a dishwasher, the dishwasher can be at different positions for setting different pressure, and the glass plate automatic recognition, different degrees of cleaning, and the noise of the dishwasher realized minimized. 

This year, the "cross-border interconnection" has become the focus of the small appliance industry chase. Such as the use of air cleaning robot, connect the phone app, you can control the smart home air conditioners, refrigerators and monitor home dynamic, so that consumers, even in the field, but also on the home at a glance. After the Chinese home appliance Expo held in Shanghai this spring, I use an electric kettle Unicom's mobile phone and smart set temperature and time, to see the transparent glass of water in the kettle tumbling appointment time. The new inverter DC fans can also be controlled remotely via mobile phone Bluetooth.