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National home appliances market harvest
2017-12-23 08:52:50

Seven-day National Day holiday, everyone is both a good time entertainment, but also a home appliance store "fishing for gold" season. This reporter recently visited the city after the major appliance stores learned during the seven-day holiday, the urban household appliance market ushered in the festive sales peak, individual store sales increased three percent over last year. 


Sales of home appliances market ushered in the peak 


As in the past, in order to meet the National Day this traditional sales season, many appliance stores from late September, the prices of the products have been in the start of the "article." "Joint TV 8 fold", "hedging sent 2000 yuan 8888 yuan," "a single product over three hundred thousand Yuan minus" ...... Reporters learned that seven-day holiday, the urban supermarkets started promotions, color TV, air conditioning , computers, cell phones, small appliances and other products have substantial profit sharing. In a series of promotional offers temptations, many consumers have shot pay, many appliance stores sales across the board gains across the board, earn bowl full of pots full. 


Zhangzhou Gome Advertisement Promotion Department official said that although the holiday promotion has not yet fully completed, but overall, the urban United States, the supermarkets sales Wing Lok Si Wen shops are very impressive, including October 1, the 2nd two popular particularly hot days the store, only the United States silver shop two days of the flow of people have ten thousand passengers. "A conservative estimate, this year's performance than the 20-30% growth year on year." The person in charge said. 


As another appliance giant Suning Appliance also ushered in passenger traffic, such as weaving. When reporters visited the store in the city of Suning Appliance Hualian see dozens of customers are within each exhibition to stop them or to a shopping guide to consult the price, or holding a measuring tape in size, some are waiting in line at the checkout payment . One being queued consumer Tsang told reporters that he is located in the central Chinese city urban Wanda new house just renovated, so go to buy three air conditioning, two televisions, a refrigerator, washing machine. "Anyway, sooner or later to buy, just getting bigger promotional efforts of the National Day, this time to buy and save a lot of money." Tsang said. 


White goods into sales champions 


Traditionally, the second half has always been a black appliances (ie TV) sales season, especially in the past few years, the National Day Golden Week, black appliances often occupy the position of each store store sales champion. But the reporter learned that, during the National Day this year, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners and other white goods sales businesses exceeded expectations. 


"White goods sales during the National Day totally exceeded our expectations, especially air conditioning, actually grew by six or seven more than last year." Silver Gome stores relevant person in charge, Mr. Wang told reporters, followed by refrigerators and washing machines, sales also increased by nearly 40 percent, the market performance make them very pleasantly surprised. 


The industry analysis, said Ho, white goods during the National Day this year has been able so popular, one is mostly pre-holiday sales consumer convenience Day trips and college freshmen keen 3c products, fewer white goods sales, which the accumulation of consumer white goods shopping desires. Second, this time of year to get married and move all season, and will have to move a lot of new owners, potentially also promote sales of white goods. 


Black appliances competitive upgrade 


Although this National Day, the thunder was overshadowed black appliances white goods, but overall, sales of black appliances is also commendable. 


As a domestic brand TV Zhangzhou area business executives, Gary of sales during the National Day address him this big pressure. He said that the joint venture brands, Sony, Sharp and other brands of color TV prices plunged, the price of most products even encroaching upon the domestic brands of similar products. Gary did this year launched a special machine, so the price is a joint venture brand beaten defenseless.


In response to growing pressure, domestic TV brands almost invariably abandon the traditional practice of price war, the selling point to other aspects of the product. Such as Skyworth TV to focus on its own independent development of cool open system, it is learned that the system is combined with Alibaba jointly developed, built together cost-effective, Paypal, water, electricity and other applications, to break the pay TV link. Meanwhile, Alibaba Taobao also cool to open systems, Paypal users 100g cloud storage space. 


A Skyworth TV Zhangzhou official said: "Apple's itunes presumably a lot of people are aware of, and Skyworth cool open system launched, the goal is the same, just want to build a professional, extremely rich integrated video download site, and ultimately create a huge income Chinese itunes. "