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Small appliances with smart prices skyrocket
2017-12-23 08:54:01

Stimulated XI, again on a variety of small appliances gift market debut. Reporter survey found that in the present era of the smart, small appliances are also put up an intelligent tag, the price also soared. Recently, experts remind consumers that intelligence is a new trend in the development of the industry, but in the selection stage, small appliances should focus on practicality, according to their own needs to choose. 


Small appliances Jingan intelligent tide 


At present, small appliances category on the market there are hundreds of species, divided into small kitchen appliances, clean small appliances, bathroom small appliances, small appliances and other categories of life. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, small appliances either category or functional design are constantly upgrading its functional design not only tend to high-end, has become more intelligent. 


In fact, small appliances intelligent is not an alien concept. As early as 10 years ago the industry put forward the "future of small appliances, smart is the key" point of view. The past two years, smart appliances have become fashionable new life signs, intelligent home appliances market has become the new darling. 


China Household Electrical Appliances Association president Jiang Feng pointed out that during the "Eleventh Five-Year", China's small household electrical appliances in the global export market to maintain a share of about 60%, and China has become the world's most important production base of small household appliances. "Twelve Five" period, as people's living standards improve, small domestic appliances market will usher in greater consumer space. 


Cuiwei appliance sales in Beijing area, a compact toaster has attracted the attention of many customers. "Buy a toaster, so that their families can eat freshly baked bread nice." One lady said this to reporters. Reporters carefully review the product description and found this smart toaster really smart enough: not only can make bread, but also making a cake, bread. As long as the flour, water, vegetable oil, baking powder, or other materials placed, will be a good mode of operation, toaster will automatically create. 


Automatic recognition has become the development trend of intelligent home appliances industry. Small household appliances by using a special program, the intelligence level has been continuously improved. Special programming such as a dishwasher, the dishwasher can be at different positions for setting different pressure, and the glass plate automatic recognition, different degrees of cleaning, and the noise of the dishwasher realized minimized. 


This year, the "cross-border interconnection" has become the focus of the small appliance industry chase. Such as the use of air cleaning robot, connect the phone App, you can control the smart home air conditioners, refrigerators and monitor home dynamic, so that consumers, even in the field, but also on the home at a glance. After the Chinese home appliance Expo held in Shanghai this spring, reporters and intelligent kettle with Unicom's mobile phone set temperature and time, to see the transparent glass of water in the kettle tumbling appointment time. The new inverter DC fans can also be controlled remotely via mobile phone Bluetooth. 


Wang Lei, vice chairman of the China Household Electrical Appliances Association, said the declaration 艾普兰 year award from the product point of view, with intelligent control functions much smaller appliances, small appliances nominated a large number of intelligent review. 2014 became small appliances "shopping" intelligent year. 


Intelligent product positioning high-end 


"Finally there is a holiday, do not want to be tied to the kitchen, but do not want the family always eat out." Just in the home appliance market, "shopping" the day the consumer Ms. Zhang told reporters, she passed the line By experience, the way online purchase buy a smart cooking machine, a smart rice cooker, an intelligent Soymilk and a smart toaster, purchase a few pieces of this smart small appliances spent more than 5000 yuan. 


Reporter survey found that appliance manufacturers introduced various types of smart appliances are mostly high-end positioning, especially smart small home appliances, almost equal to its price and even large appliances such as rice cookers 4999 yuan, 3000 yuan drinking fountains, nearly 8000 yuan juicer and so on. Cooker, steamer, razor, etc., the price of several thousand dollars are not uncommon. These small appliances and more intelligent and healthy affixed with labels. 


PRC, a report released in recent years, the domestic market is quite small appliances rapidly and is a gradual transition from simple single-function products to the era of intelligent multifunction products. For example, electric pressure cooker products in the domestic market, the rise of nearly 10 years, has gradually formed a benign market players, brand concentration further increase, in which the low-end market is saturated, and the high-end product growth trends become apparent. The company Monitoring data show that 350-450 yuan price range of popular pressure cookers product segment, accounting for 31.28% of the retail market share of high-end products showed a slight growth trend; popularity in households in the highest degree of kitchen appliances - cooker, the first half of this year, retail sales reached 6.7 billion yuan, an increase of 8.3%. Steady growth in the market background, computer type rice cooker mainstream market position has been further consolidated its retail share of 67.8 percent from 2012 rising to 77.8% in the first half of 2014. Meanwhile, with the major brands have increased IH heating products into the first half of this year, retail sales IH type rice cooker heating computers share has reached 14.2%, up 6.1 percentage points compared with 2013. 


Sweeping robot vacuum cleaner products is high-end smart model. The PRC retail monitoring data show that the vacuum cleaner market retail volume in 2013 fell by 11.18%, but the sweeping robot as hot sales volume of retail sales grew by 25.27%, retail sales grew by 32.27 percent, becoming the only cleaner product positive growth category; from the price point of view, sweeping robot vacuum cleaner to be much more expensive than the average. According to the PRC retail monitoring data show that 2013 vertical, horizontal cleaner average price is generally around 1,000 yuan; while robotic vacuum cleaner prices are generally more than 2000 yuan, the cost of investment in technology has also led to a robot vacuum cleaner still in the ranks of high-end products. 


Remind one 


The more intelligent you should better use 


Small appliances intelligent tide avalanche, but its intelligent performance is often not satisfactory. "I look at the computer still not as good as the human brain." Liu consumers complained to reporters, a few years ago she took a smart humidifier higher price, the product is said to be self-determined and humidity inside the house, when the humidity is too high will automatically stop humidification. Products bought the first night, she was driving a humidifier safely asleep, the results found in the house after the morning fog like played as a white misty, bed bedding are also wet. Sharon had this humidifier into the living room, but also bought a product controlled by a mechanical knob in the bedroom. 


There are a lot of "smart" word to reporters reflect consumers pay, not as smart appliances when buying promoters say so smart, and even some "paranoid." For example there are a lot of smart appliances with memory function on performance, such as cooking rice cooker timer function, electric water heater temperature memory function. But some consumers purchase of such appliances complained that changes electrical "memory" operation is very complicated, step by step manual adjustment front, even to the manufacturers sales department phone consultation. 


Xu Dongsheng, secretary general of China Household Electrical Appliances Association, said home appliances intelligent design must be based on convenience to consumers, should pay attention to their own intelligent features durability and convenience, consumer demand is a core principle. A good small household electrical appliances, must ensure convenient and comfortable to use, in terms of the sense of touch, sense of control must be adapted to operate effectively bring convenience to consumers' daily lives. 


"Smart small appliances can not be accepted by the market, first look at the consumer experience, whether consumers are willing to pay for smart products." China Household Electrical Appliances Association, said Jiang Feng, the last feature phone price is twelve thousand dollars, and now smartphones sell three or four thousand dollars, although the price is high, but many features intelligent machines bring great convenience to consumers, consumers are willing to buy. The same smart appliances, smart small appliances, although currently the price higher, but as long as within the acceptable range of consumers, people are still willing to buy; "technology development, future sales growth, the price of smart small appliances will be down, not always high above. "


However, some agencies for the current smart appliances level evaluation practices, Jiang Feng said he did not agree. She believes that intelligence is a process, with the development of technology, intelligence appliances will continue to develop from the lower to higher, so one can not simply judge the level of intelligent home appliances; "The past is the remote control, then the remote control, now is the wireless network control, may ultimately be the eye control, neural control, smart appliances look good today, but tomorrow a look, may be very low. "


In addition, industry sources said that the current advocacy work smart appliance market is not in place, consumer awareness of smart appliances somewhat lacking, but also caused consumers for products placed high hopes are not satisfied after using the product, thus affecting further promotion of smart appliances. 


Reminds 2 


Demand purchase is the last word 


Reporter survey found that now the tide avalanche intelligent, but most consumers do not know what is smart appliances, small appliances more intelligent features still rely appliance manufacturers for product promotion and mall shopping guide staff introduction. The sales staff at the mouth, smart appliances have been all-powerful, and the "Guards" to really fool-operate. Not only can such as smart cooker cooking, soup, but also extends to can do sushi, cakes, boiled baby grains of rice, etc., and even some high-end microwave oven can have as many as dozens of cooking menu. "In addition to dust mites, automatic mopping, cleaning appointment, free access, so that mothers no longer housework tired!" This is a smart electricity supplier Sweeper special holiday promotions offered to play the advertising slogan. Reporters saw, intelligent sweeper according to its material, function, cleaning the area of different price from 699 yuan to 4,999 yuan range. "When it senses the dust began to slow speed and then with rotating brushes simultaneously from four directions gradually" swallow "out garbage, the sensor head can be mounted automatically turn in the face of the wall or furniture." At appliance stores, a salespeople this introduction. 


Meanwhile, the reporter learned that some consumers buy the product is also in line with the idea one step blind pursuit of intelligence level. In Beijing Dazhong Electronics store in the tower, a microwave promoters told reporters that some consumers will buy most versatile products in the affordable range spending power in the purchase of products. A life of small appliances promoters also said they usually recommend products based on consumer demand, but some consumers buy gifts, and more concerned about the brand, style, price, and especially willing to buy novelty products; some to elderly send intelligent small appliances, but now is not particularly convenient smart products in the operation, not suitable for the elderly. 


Reporters in the survey found that many consumers buy a range of intelligent features rice cookers and microwave ovens after the real use but its most basic functions, other additional functions are rarely used or never useless to. Secretary-General of Tianjin household appliances industry association, said Wu Gan, intelligent sweeping machine on the market is broadly divided into two categories: one is brush type, by rotating brush the dust debris into the interior of the dust box . But it is easy to wrap hair brush, a little bit when dealing with the need to manually pull out her hair. The other is suction type, by both sides of a small brush to sweep dust to dust port, and then use the built-in mini motor sucked into the dust box; but generally only produce 20-30W suction, something that can not sweep large garbage. "In fact, the product has limitations, unlike businesses that can really solve the publicity problem housework." 


Therefore, experts advise consumers: For smart small appliances, do not blindly pursue its automation features, on-demand purchase clincher. For example, for the elderly, they tend to be satisfied with the basic functions of the product, and because of mental acuity and other aspects of functional decline, for some of the features of smart small appliances are not necessarily used. Too cumbersome operation could become a threshold front of the user of these; therefore, if it is your parents, to purchase ordinary product is sufficient, in terms of price is relatively much more affordable. 


And if it is like chasing the new young, new and interesting, full-featured integration seems to better meet their needs. However, experts also suggested that before buying new products, consumers should be well understood, and it is best to try to operate the site, if the product is indeed able to meet their own needs and then purchase orders. 


Remind 3 


Buy extended warranty repairs difficult to avoid 


Relative to large appliances, the small appliance repair has been a problem; but intelligent products for technical maintenance staff made a higher demand, making smart small appliance repair difficult problem is more prominent. 


Beijing Haidian District Consumer Chu said he was a high-tech, absolutely proponents of new products, but a little remote control changed his mind. He told reporters that he bought last year a certain brand of electric water heater with a wireless remote control, and multiple power options, more expensive than ordinary products on three or four hundred dollars. I did not expect less than a month with a remote control on the bad, call the customer service department to the enterprise, customer service said I need overhaul. After complete overhaul back, Zhu found that sometimes when the thermostat is not handy remote control, then he simply changed manually set the temperature, according to an ordinary water heater. Chu said he clung to buy appliances now a principle: functionally equivalent product, there is no way to machine type computer-controlled, never buy a computer board election features more. 


Consumers who lives in Beijing's North Fourth Ring Ms. Wu told reporters that she bought a smart electric pressure cooker, with a two years failed. Be special maintenance department of the brand in the alley in the city center, do not say bad way to go, parking is also an issue. Thinking anyway out of warranty period, she simply wanted to find a repair shop door trim forget; but the repair shop said the master computer board is broken, you must go to special repair shop to repair. 


Because the structure is more complex smart small appliances, the failure rate is higher than ordinary products. Reporter survey found that in recent years, although some of the big brands involved in the field of small household appliances, the small appliance repair difficult problem has improved, some brands also provide on-site repair service, but most brands, there are still few repair outlets, poor technical maintenance staff issue. 


Vice president of the Association of Chinese home appliance repair service Chibing Guo pointed out that with the new product functionality, technology complex nature continues to improve, more and more high degree of intelligence, technical requirements for maintenance personnel are more comprehensive. Cross-category, composite maintenance is a trend appliance repair services, which the appliance repair personnel put forward higher requirements. Currently history smart appliances is still relatively short, corporate technical preparation is obviously insufficient, appliance repair personnel engaged mostly in apprenticeship Shouyi laid down out of the way, experienced, but the lack of systematic, standardized and innovation, once encounter new models, new failure, often overwhelming. 


However, the reporter in the survey also found that some companies are small appliance service and strive to solve difficult problems. Such as Suning recently launched the "999 yuan the following year to replace small appliances Paul", consumers need to spend 9.9 yuan can enjoy one year free replacement machine services. Earlier, Wal-Mart can be safe out of the new joint "peace of mind extended warranty" service, consumers buy 800 yuan the following electronic products and small appliances, extended warranty period fails, who meet the conditions of the product replacement service can be directly new ones.