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A new generation of King 50L commercial pressure cooker research and development success, and grand to the market, achieved unprecedented performance


A new generation of pot Wang 32L, 40L commercial pressure cooker successfully developed and passed the national quality certification, and has won the CQC quality certification and a number of utility patents, invention patents.


June pressure cooker successfully passed the Japanese JET, SG certification;

October won the title of advanced unit of quality brand.


Won the city quality brand demonstration unit enterprise title


Won the Shunde Intellectual Property Work Innovation Award;

In April through the ISO14001: 2004 international environmental management system certification, marking the production environment in line with international standards.


China Pressure Cooker Patent Alliance member units, and participate in the drafting of electric pressure cooker industry international standards;

Honor Shunde Intellectual Property Work Innovation Award.


Successfully developed a large capacity 16L electric pressure cooker, the technical level of Yao Yao leading domestic counterparts;

In October the pressure control device patents and other electric pressure cooker invention patents.


The first successful research and development of large-capacity 13L commercial pressure cooker, began to enter the electric pressure cooker commercial areas;

In August, our nutrition fast cooker passed the European CE certification, from which we got the license to sell in many European countries.

In September, Xinfeng nutrition fast pot passed EU RoHS certification, equivalent to obtaining the green certificate of international products.

In September, our company passed the ISO9001: 2008 international quality management system certification, marking this product quality management level with the international standards, to a new level;

In October the pressure control device patents and other electric pressure cooker invention patents.


The successful introduction of high-tech owned its own "fast nutrition pot" to the new concept of extra, sophisticated technology, excellent quality dealers and the vast number of consumers won the praise! Take the lead in the successful launch of small capacity 2.5L electric pressure cooker to meet the family needs of the population less consumption.


August Xinfeng electric pressure cooker through the International Electrotechnical Commission CB certification, from the beginning to enter the international market


In May the first successful invention of the shrapnel vent explosion-proof patent, completely solve the technical problems of electric pressure cooker explosion pot, breaking the pressure cooker industry safety relief technology bottleneck


Electric pressure cooker product line officially put into operation, Xin Feng electric pressure cooker passed the national CCC quality certification, enter the domestic market


Become Rongsheng Electric pressure cooker parts supplier of the main suppliers


Construction companies have not Kelon, South Korea University and other famous enterprises to provide refrigerators and air conditioners and other white goods spare parts